David chan

Head of Finance

David is a Chartered Accountant and has worked within the accounting profession for more than 20 years. He began his career with Yeap Cheng Chuan & Co. spending the first two years as an auditor. Following this, David took the opportunity to broaden his skills base by working with MBf leasing as a Senior Accounts Executive before joining Protek as an Assistant Accountant. His can do attitude saw him wearing many hats in this role which often saw him acting in an advisory capacity with many of the turnkey contracts for the Oil & Gas business.

He has been with HLAP (and it’s predecessors, Lambert Fenchurch AP and Health Lambert Far East) for more than 10 years and was originally charged with all the set up and improvement of the accounting systems and to ensure that they were compliant with the local regulatory authority’s requirements, including setting up the quarterly and annual report submissions.

David’s title is Head of Finance, though as the company has grown so has the role to include the timely flow of all documents and funds between all clients and suppliers. Setting up the major management reports and controls, as well as ensuring the company has adequate financial controls and reporting to give clear visibility to allow senior management to manage by fact.

Recently David has been heavily involved with the business improvement to help promote efficiency and conformance throughout the organisation, which has included mapping all key business processes and recommending efficiencies or controls, standardising the broking templates and managing the systems integrator for the implementation of the new Broking and Accounting system.