Asahari Salleh

Senior Claims & Risk Manager

Asahari has spent more than 20 years as an insurance claim adjusting professional. Prior to joining HLAP Ltd in 2009, he worked for multinational loss adjusting companies and held senior positions with Crawford & Company and GAB Robins Malaysia.

As a graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur he began his career working in several engineering posts ranging from electronics manufacturing to chemical and oil & gas industries.

After 10 years in engineering, he began his insurance career as a Loss Adjuster with Crawford and Co.. His strong engineering background made it easy for him to grasp the technicalities of the CAR, MB and IAR policies becoming expert in these areas. Later, he developed his experience and expertise in adjusting financial losses under the BI, ALOP or the DSU policy extensions.

He has massive experience across all claims and more recently has handled various claims during the execution of the Malaysian Mega Projects such as the new KLIA airport, KLCC Twin Towers, KL City Trains, Stormwater and road tunnel and the new Government Administration City in Putrajaya. Besides handling claims he was also involved in project progress monitoring and risk management.

His engineering experience in oil & gas has put him as a prominent loss adjuster for the onshore plants for Petronas, the Malaysian national Oil & Gas Company.