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Offshore Energy


Our staff handles a diverse range of insurance requirements for energy companies in Asia.  We act on behalf of upstream and downstream clients and include both Contractor and Operator Controlled Insurances in our portfolio.  Specialising in construction and operating policies, we are acknowledged as being particularly skilled in the challenging areas of offshore construction and platform decommissioning, exploiting the narrowing gap between the banking and insurance markets for the provision of alternatives to traditional exploration enterprises to some of the world's major integrated oil companies and is characterized by long-term relationships forged through competitiveness and the successful provision of professional and technical services.

Key Product and Specialist Areas

  • Consequential loss (business interruption / loss of production or delay in start-up)
  • Contingency Coverage
  • Cargo and transportation
  • Contractor's plant & equipment
  • Construction builder's risks
  • Decommissioning security
  • Drilling contractor covers
  • Liabilities (primary and excess)
  • Machinery breakdown and business interruption
  • Offshore construction projects
  • Operator's extra expense / control of well / re-drilling
  • Platform commissioning
  • Pollution
  • Protection & indemnity
  • Physical loss of or damage to property
  • Upstream risks & downstream operating risks
  • War / Terrorism and Political risks