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We advise on all aspects of insurance for cargo anywhere in the world. Our speciality in goods, commodities and merchandise in transit or storage worldwide, offers the comprehensive insurance programme and guidance to brokers, insurers and clients who are importers, exporters, traders, distributors and manufacturers. We are involved in a wide variety of cargo and related interests including oils, chemicals, commodities, food/perishables and manufactured goods, whether transported by road, rail, sea, air, barge or post.

Key Product and Specialist Areas

  • Aircraft spares including engine testing
  • Cargo stock throughput
  • Commodities
  • Containers including container lesser default
  • Excess stock
  • All Types of Cargo
  • War and strikes risks
  • Storage
  • Political risks
  • Guaranteed Out-turn (oil)
  • Trade disruption
  • Cable laying and maintenance
  • Subsea & ROV equipment
  • Contractors working equipment
  • Project cargo including Delay in Start-Up